Tiny Prints Christmas Card

Friday, December 2, 2016

This year as I was scouring Tiny Prints for the perfect card to complement our Christmas pictures I stumbled across one that read, "The More the Merrier." With the sweet addition of our two little babes I couldn't pass it up! We are so incredibly grateful for them. Just this time last year I was in the middle of the IVF process. If I could have seen a snap shot of this year's Christmas card back then I would not have believed it! And most days I still don't believe it. I am blessed with the sweetest kiddos (most of the time). ;)

I always love our cards and invitations by Tiny Prints. They have SO many choices and their quality is spot on. One of my favorite things is the liner on the inside of the envelope...it makes me smile when I open our cards and see smiling faces back at me!

This year I took the time to upload all my addresses from my address book. Having them printed makes my envelopes look pretty sharp and saves my hand from cramping. ;) 

If you haven't picked up your holiday cards yet do it now! Tiny Prints is still having a cyber Monday sale...up to 50% off all cards! Yippee! 

Finna and Emma Organic Clothing

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

One thing I really love doing is dressing my kids. I think it is so darn cute when they match and coordinate...it makes my little type A personality soar! Finn and Emma kindly sent the twins organic coordinating rompers that are so cute! I love their unique prints and patterns.

Their garments are made with buttery soft g.o.t.s. certified organic cotton and non-toxic eco-friendly dyes. The garment snaps are lead and nickel free and feature pieces from real coconuts in the center of the snaps.

As a lover of cloth diapers (we used them for a year with Blair) Finn and Emma make their garments extra roomy to accommodate bigger bums.

Finn and Emma also sell darling wood play gyms and teethers. Their wood toys are made from untreated Indian hard wood and finished with vegetable seed wax. They also carry hand-knit toys from organic yarn...only the best for your baby!

They are currently selling a darling gift set assortment that would be a great present for a mama-to-be for Christmas! Or for a baby's first Christmas. Head over to Finn and Emma and check them out!

Elf on the Shelf 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Over the weekend our elf, Lily, came back into town. This year instead of bringing snow that left our porch looking like Christmas all year long; she brought decorations for Blair's room!

Oh and this was all after M had to go get a REPLACEMENT elf because we lost the darn thing. So freaking annoying. Enjoy that extra $30, Target.
Many people asked about where to purchase the pinwheels above her bed. I actually made them for a back drop for a friend's baby shower. It's easy! You could totally do it. :) Pom pom pillow Target 2016.

I hoard keep all prior decorations Ive made so I pulled these colors out of my craft closet and strung them together. 

Lit tree from Target (on sale!) 2016. Mini trees Target 2015.

Super old mini tree from when I was in high school. Sequin bow from Land of Nod. Ornaments were added later. 

Glitter wreath Target 2014, blanket Target 2016, grey Christmas tree flannel sheets Target 2014.

And I've had a few people ask how Blair's room is so clean and if that is real life. It actually is real life (for once!). Since I don't keep toys in her room (albeit a basket of stuffed animals and a book shelf with books) it stays picked up. Our upstairs play loft is another story though...we're talking tornado status so don't be fooled! I'll have to snap a picture of it after she's torn through there. Ha ha.

Best Toy Round Up for Babies

Friday, November 25, 2016

Did any of you hit up any stores for Black Friday?! I'm a total sucker for a good deal but I usually do all my Black Friday shopping online. This year I took full advantage of Gap's 50% off sale (nothing excluded!), Carter's $8 fleece jammies found their way into my cart, and I also found some great clothes for Matt at Nordstrom's 40% off fall sale. Needless to say I'm just about done shopping. I also hit up Target and Amazon for great toy deals for B. The twins really don't need any toys because
a. they are too little and
b. they will eventually enjoy Blair's hand-me-downs.

This year I'm going to round up all the best toys/gift ideas for kids ages 0-5. I'll be featuring a different age group every day so stay tuned in!

Musical Radio a great small toy for the diaper bag
Musical Book lights up and sings rhyming songs
Car Keys this was a favorite for B. The keys are made out of metal which she loved chewing on
Fruit Teether it vibrates! perfect for teething babes.
Sophie the Girraffe a classic squeeky teether for chic mamas.
Rain Stick we don't own this yet but my friend has one and the babies LOVE it!
Dinosaur Popper a cheaper version of the elefun popper. 
O Ball the perfect toy for babies to hold onto. they have lots of versions like cars and rattles.
Elefun Popper seriously one of Blair's favorites. 
Activity Table this is perfect for sitters or standers. it grows with your babe!
Activity Cube Blair STILL plays with this!
Walker again...works for sitters or walkers!
Swing self explanatory...all kids love swinging. 

Cool Mama Breast Feeding Clothes

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last week Cool Mama sent me one of their nursing tops and I can't believe I've been functioning without them! The fabric is super soft made from bamboo and the cut of the shirt is very flattering. The sleeve is a bit longer to hide my not-so-toned arms and it's very blousy around the mid section which always helps.

And the best part is that you can wear these while pregnant AND breast feeding! A second bonus for me is that I can nurse both babies at the same time without needing a nursing cover. This solves so many problems! I seriously can't wait to order more of these tops...they have dresses too!

And yes I do see the humor in the following pictures...those are the babies' heads, I swear! Ha ha!

Easy side slit allows baby to get to the good stuff. 

Chatting with Everly while Cal finishes up

Please like Cool Mama on Facebook and use the code "CoolMamaUSA" to get 10% off!

Head on over to their Etsy store and shop HERE . :)
Happy shopping!

Breast Feeding 101

Thursday, November 17, 2016

*This post contains some nursing photos...if this makes you uneasy I'm warning you now. ;)

As a second time mom I knew things would be different (hello I had twins!) this time around but I wasn't sure how. Obviously twins are a whole new territory that I had no idea about but I was thankful to have already had one baby under my belt. My first born would at least prepare me for half the work, right?!

latching Everly for the first time
 Ha ha. Having twins is way more than twice the work of one baby. There is no break even if you have another adult around at all times. I am always in charge of at least one baby.

This time around I told myself while I was pregnant that my expectations were going to be a lot lower. I promised I would be much more type B and less anxious about everything. I told myself that I would take nursing one month at a time and if my body couldn't keep up with feeding two babies  I wasn't going to freak out over giving them formula. I'm trying to be gracious with myself. In the past I would have thought that if I had to do formula I was somehow failing my babies. Now I know I'm not. I am determined to do what is best for them and if that means they need more nutrition in the way of formula then that's ok!
latching right after birth

So far I have been blessed to produce enough milk to sustain them but I have a feeling my days are numbered. I already supplement them before bed with my best friend's breast milk. Aren't bosom buddies great?! There are so many types of formula on the market but since I already love The Honest Company products I plan on starting there. The Honest Company takes a best-for-baby approach and has developed a line of premium feeding solutions with organic, non-GMO and other high quality ingredients for various types of situations, including both breast and formula feeding.

As a side note I thought that I would have huge fabulous boobs while nursing twins. Nope. I mean it seems so unfair! I'm nursing two kids! I was hoping to at least get a D cup out of this for a few months. Sigh. Maybe in another life.

those tan lines though...
Currently the twins nurse every three hours during the day (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4 pm, 7pm) and once at 4 am overnight. 

If you are a mom-to-be then I suggest checking out The Honest Company Feeding page for some great information. 

As another side note I have several videos on my phone of them nursing. I never want to forget how cute they are when they do it and their sweet little noises! I'll spare you those. ;) 

Kids Christmas Decor

Monday, November 14, 2016

One of my weekly outings is going to Target because it's something fun to do while wearing a baby. :) I've been eyeing their Christmas decor and they have the most darling festive things. I especially love the items that have a little bit of pink in them because they are perfect for Blair's room! She has some mini Christmas trees like the ones pictured below from Target (last year) and I found some other decorations that would complement them so well!

Take a peek at the festiveness I would like to add to her room. I love mint, pink, white, and red!

She is a girl after my own heart and I just know she would love having a few more decorations in her room. Just gotta wait for a sale! ;)