Valentine Attire for Littles

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

If there is one thing I love about having kids it is dressing them up for the holidays. Of course there are other reason to love them but dressing them is pretty fun. ;) Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there are so many cute looks to choose from! I picked out some of my favorites below.

All items via gap, old navy, and carter's. 
Happy shopping! 

Everly and Cal: 5 Months

Monday, January 16, 2017

Yesterday Evie and Cal turned 5 months old! Time is flying which is both good and bad. I'm sure one day I will miss the baby phase but it's hard not to look forward to them getting's so much more fun! I have this baby book for Cal and this baby book for Evie and I LOVE it. Updating it is so fun!

Here are what the twins are up to...


You can... take 2 hour naps, sometimes sleep all night, sit with help, hold toys, grab/swat/kick at toys.

You love...your fingers, rolling onto your tummy, car rides, stroller rides, your swing, being held, babbling, watching Blair play.

We'll never forget... how you rub your head while you breastfeed, your obsessive finger sucking, how you cry when Evie cries, how you are always trying to watch TV.

You don't like... the bath, when your sister cries.


You can... nap for 45 minutes (insert eye roll here), sometimes sleep all night, sit with help, hold toys, grab/swat/kick at toys, babble.

You love...folding your hands, rolling onto your back in your crib (super fun for Mom and Dad when you get stuck like a turtle), car rides, stroller rides, the bath, your swing, listening to us sing "baby shark," watching Blair play.

We'll never forget... how you fold your hands while you breast feed, your spicy attitude when you're hungry, how much you giggle when Daddy dances with you.

You don't like... taking long naps, trying to stay awake when you are tired.

You guys are GOOD babies. Honestly, you are easier than Blair was. I'm not sure if this is because you are truly easier or if Mommy and Daddy know a thing or two about babies now. ;)

At this point our daily schedule is as follows: You wake up for the day between 7:30 and 8:30 most days. You take about fifteen minutes to eat and then you play for a couple hours. You nap around 9:30 or 10:30 (depending on when you woke up) for 1-2 hours. Everly determines how long the nap is because she always wakes up first. Sometimes she wakes after 45 minutes and has to wait in her crib to eat for 45 more minutes. This is Mommy's least favorite thing. You eat again around 1:30, play for a couple hours then nap again around 3:30. This nap is shorter and you are usually up after an hour, around 4:30. You eat again and then stay awake until bedtime between 6:30 and 7.

The hardest part of our day is the last stretch before bedtime because you get tired but we don't want you to take a big snooze before bed. We often take you for a stroller ride at this time and then come home and put you in your swings while we make dinner. When you get tired of that we wear you in the front pack until bed time.

We are supplementing you with 2-3 ounces of extra breast milk from my best friend at every feeding to help you gain weight. You are skinny little babies! But, Everly, you are getting rolls now and it's so darn cute.

Your Dad and I often look at you and just smile at each other because you are so sweet to be around. We love you so much and talk about how good you are. Yes, you can be exhausting but we still can't get enough of you!

Young Living Oils: Lavender

Friday, January 13, 2017

I've been using essential oils for 4 years now and this year I am trying to share more about it. I love Young Living oils and always use them before resorting to medicine. I'll be posting the ways that I use them in my daily life on my blog and instagram (@natyouraverageoils) to get you inspired!

One of the most basic essential oils is lavender. One of the ways I use lavender is by replacing my dryer sheets (with harmful chemicals) with wool dryer balls and then using one drop of lavender on each ball (I have six) to make my clothes smell fresh. You can use other essential oils depending on the scent that you prefer but be careful not to use citrus as this can stain your clothes orange or yellow.

 If you are interested in purchasing lavender from me please reach out to me at the email below.  The best way to get started is by purchasing the premium starter kit which includes lavender, lemon, peppermint, stress away, copaiba (pain and inflammation), digize (tummy troubles), thieves (antiseptic), purification (immunity), RC (congestion), panaway (pain), a diffuser, and other goodies. Definitely the biggest bang for your buck!

To learn more about getting started CLICK HERE . My sponsor ID number is 2447328.  If you have any questions feel free to email me

DIY: Painting our Great Room White

Thursday, January 12, 2017

One of my new year's goals was to paint our great room white. When we moved into our home all of our walls were painted a fleshy tan color. Slowly we have painted the bedrooms grey and are now getting to the rest of the house.

I love how rooms photograph when they are white and they always look good on Fixer Upper. ;) So, we went for it. At first M and I panicked a little bit because the room looked SO white. It was pretty sterile looking but we recently added some curtains and it really softens it up.

We also took down our old mantle and M built this new one from some distressed wood from Home Depot. I love it!

Check out the befores and afters! Such an improvement.

Candle sticks and chalkboard from Home Goods. Vases, frames, and olive branches from Magnolia Market. 



Still saving up for wood floors and eventually want to update our furniture but what an improvement!

Bye bye fleshy walls

Just got these baskets with lids from World Market for half off because their store was closing. No more looking at Blair's ugly toys!

Curtains from Home Goods. Rods from Target. Pillow from Home Goods.

Allllll the heart eyes! I just love how bright and clean it turned out! And I do realize I need to let out the hem on the curtain. It perfectly touched the ground on the carpeted side but not the tile side. I also wanted to raise the rod up but then my curtains would have really been high waters. Either way I'm loving this fresh new look! 

A Weekend Outing

Monday, January 9, 2017

Over the weekend our friends forced us talked us into getting out of the house. And while I have gotten really good at staying in my pajamas all day every day (and finishing my first cup of coffee at 3pm) it's good for me to expand my horizons and get dressed every now and then. ;)

Amazing nursing top by Cool Mama.

We went to a local coffee shop and then strolled the farmer's market downtown. We had a delicious lunch and then called it a day. The twins were angels and Blair enjoyed her chocolate milk the most.

It's a lot of work to get out of the house but I'm always so glad I did it. It's like I get stir crazy being at home but also get overwhelmed at the thought of getting everyone dressed and out the door. Such a dilemma! ;)

Twin Life

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Last week we took some (more!) family photos with my friend Carrie. This time we did them with M's family and I can't wait to see them! The babies were SO good even if they didn't smile. They didn't cry so I'll take it! Here's a sneak peek...

bow: cammi and co. dress: old navy sweater: old navy shoes: freshly picked

Cal kills me. He looks like such an old man! Cute, none the less and he looks JUST like Matt's baby photos. And the older Evie gets the more she resembles my baby fun! 

The babies are getting so big (even if they are 1% for weight) and their personalities are blooming. I just can't stand it! They are so cute and so sweet and we are more in love with them each day. I'll be giving a more thorough update in a couple of weeks when they turn five months. :) 

Happy 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! We stayed in this year (for obvious reasons) and enjoyed some wine and cheese with a couple friends. I was pretty proud of myself for staying up past midnight. Even if it was only 12:30. ;) I've been thinking of what I want this year to look like for me and thought I would share some of my goals.
Kiss me at midnight

1. Lose the baby weight. 
The fun is over, friends. Time to get serious about these last 12 pounds (and then some thanks to the holidays). M and I are committed to no dairy, sugar, or alcohol until we reach our goal weight. Then we plan on doing something fun or purchasing something fun. We haven't decided yet! But it's always easier to do these types of things together.

2. Tackle our house DIY list. 
We've already completed project one...building a new mantle. There is a TON of stuff on our list that is relatively cheap but just takes time. The mantle cost M $40 to make and I sold our old mantle for $40. Yay for free! I hope you will enjoy seeing our befores and afters these next twelve months.

3. Simplify
I've already started cleaning out cupboards here and there. Last week I was rummaging through a cupboard in my bathroom and found lotion from COLLEGE. Come on. Who's using that?! I'm making a pile in the garage of things to give to our church for their annual rummage sale. I'm also really thrilled every time I can put a baby item in that pile (or give it to a friend). We will slowly be getting some space back in our house as the bulky baby items leave!

4. Enjoy now
As in don't worry about things in the future. Or wish to be in the future when life will be "easier." I have a bad habit of looking forward to the next stage with the twins. I'm always saying things like, "I can't wait till they can sit. I can't wait until they are eating solids. I can't wait till they drop this nap." I want to slow down and enjoy these babies since they are our last. I waited so long to get them and I want to focus on enjoying them NOW.

5. Start dating Matt again
The last two to three years M and I were so heavily focused on getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and then delivering two healthy babies. We finally feel like we are on the other side of that huge mountain we climbed and want to spend more quality time together. We want to go on at least 1 date a month and have one night a week where we connect and spend time together after the kids go to bed without our phone or tv. I'm looking forward to this season!

6. Bless others
This goes with #5. People came along side of us and blessed us beyond measure these last few years (and still are!). We want to do the same back! Whether it is bringing meals to friends with new babies, or having their toddlers over for play dates, or giving them our baby gear etc, we want to give back.

7. Floss
Ha ha just kidding. I say this every year and it never happens. Sorry, Linda. ;)